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11 June 1983
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Lilypie Baby Ticker

Being a great mother and wife are two things that are extremely important to me. My son Brendan and daughter Kirsten mean the world to me, and I can’t get enough of them. They fill my each and every day with laughter, happiness, fulfillment, love, excitement… and so much more. Brendan is an ever curious, eager to learn, highly intelligent, adventurous and adorable toddler... and full blown BOY. I love watching him grow, and watching his personality continue to emerge. He is so full of life and curiosity, and the phrases and ideas that he comes up with on a daily basis never fail to amaze me! Kirsten is a squealing, giggling, too-cute-for-words, beautiful little girl! She is growing so fast that I can barely keep up with her! I can’t imagine who I was or what I did before I became a mother. I was destined to be a mother, and somehow always knew it. They are so absolutely adorable together, and Brendan is a wonderful big brother. He's so eager to help out with her, and he's already very protective of her. He hasn't even exhibited a single hint of jealousy! We believe that can be attributed to the fact that we prepared him for her arrival the entire time that I was pregnant. I love how fond they are of eachother. When I see them gushing at and loving on eachother, my heart beams with a feeling that can only be brought on by seeing them together. Before I had Kirsten I was secretly worried that I would never be able to love another baby as much as I love Brendan... I also was afraid that I would have to divide my love between the two... but please know: that is absolutely false! The love for your children MULTIPLIES! IT DOESN'T DIVIDE!!
Kirsten Paige Greer, was born on December 30th, 2004 at 2:37 p.m. weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and was 21 inches long. Click HERE to read the birth story.. complete with pix! We are truly blessed to have her in our lives.. and I am beyond fortunate to now be the mother of two wonderfully beautiful and healthy children. She is a great baby (aren't they all?) and I can already see so many differences in her personality than Brendans when he was her age. It's amazing to realize that you have now created two complete and complicated and perfect human beings. I absolutely LOVE being a mother!

I may be a little overprotective, and I freely admit that. I look at the misconception that that is somehow a bad thing like this though.. I would much rather care "too much" about my beautiful children, than be one of those child abusing, skanky, horrible people who would only be so lucky to call them self a good mother..or a "mother" at all for that matter. Having a child doesn’t just automatically make you a mother.. much the same way that having a piano in no way makes you a pianist.
I don't see how anyone can believe that a mother who is completely OPPOSED to any form of corporal punishment, has never given their child formula, keeps their children ultra clean, well kept and cared for, and shows their children nothing but love, and supreme parenting be a bad thing? It can’t. The only people who think that great parenting is something to be frowned upon are the same people that believe that you can “spoil” children by buying them nice clothing and “too many toys”, by "holding them too much" or showing your children how much you love them all of the time. To those people I say… you can’t spoil a child, you idiot. They're human. Not an egg. Furthermore, if you COULD spoil a child.. then the mental, emotional and physical abuse that you, as a crappy parent, subject them to on a daily basis would make them rotten to the core.
I make my beliefs and parenting style very clear.. I nursed my son until he was 21 months old- do you have a problem with that? He is the healthiest child I've ever known.
Rob and I practice "Attached Parenting" teqniques, although we didn't start out with the intent of doing so... it just so happened that how we parent is parrallel with AP parenting. I had no idea there was a whole league of people who parent just like us! Up until this point, I have always thought that I was seriously the best mother there ever was! Yay for other mommies who love their babies!

Luckily, my incredible husband Rob is just as good of a father as I am a mother. I love him eternally, and couldn't live without him. Our parenting styles are very similar, and we talk about EVERY thing that affects our children in any way in full detail, before we commit to a way of doing something.
Because of these reasons, there is no doubt in my mind that our children are going to grow up strong, confident, self assured, loving, compassionate and incredible people. That is all the thanks I will ever need from them.

I hope my life interests you!

- How did we get so lucky??!

- Brendan Robert!

- Kirsten Paige!

- My family!

Meeting eachother for the first time.

- Kirsten-1 day old!

- Move it or lose it, buster!

- My gorgeous husband Rob and I.

- Robs tattoo right after it was done in February 2005.

Our Wedding ~ October 18, 2003

Brendan was 10 months old when we finally got married. He was the cutest groomsman, by far!

Robert & Tabitha's Third Wedding Anniversary
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- Kirsten and Brendan's hospital pix side by side

(I made the above banner. If you would like one, I have made a lot of similar ones, that are just as cute.. just let me know.)